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Château DeFay is an experimental vineyard. For the first ten years of our existence we were not sure that we could produce high quality wines in the Santa Maria de Jesus region. So we brought dozens of grape varieties from abroad, planted them in our volcanic soil and waited to see whether they would prosper. Some grew well and many did not. We also experimented with different winemaking strategies in particular using other locally grown fruits. In the last two years we have produced thirteen different wines, 6 whites, 5 reds and 2 roses that have been very well received. We now know that we can produce high quality wines that are unique to our vineyards and not found anywhere else in the world.

Currently we are engaged in a two pronged development strategy: (1) propagating the grape varieties and other fruits that can grow successfully in our climate which will increase our production capacity and (2) making the winery operation more financially viable by combining it with the growing of other commercially viable crops such as  passion fruit and avocado. We have also acquired a restaurant called Café Romanza, 5ta avenida 14-24 zona 14 2366-2924 where we serve a variety of  local and international cuisine including French and Italian food. All of Château DeFay wines are available for wine tasting and purchase in Café Romanza. Read more about Château DeFay>>


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